I am a recovering addict. I have had addiction problems with various substances for over twenty-five years. Many of my best friends and the most interesting people in my life have had addiction problems in one form or another. Some are in or are seeking recovery, some are happy to remain dependent. A great deal has been written on the subject of addiction, much research carried out, many theories expounded, but everyone’s experience is individual. In this blog I want to share mine and other people’s experience of substance and behavioural dependency and its impact on them and the people around them. I would also be interested in conversations with people sharing their lives with an addict. I will be interviewing friends from the music industry, journalism, education and from as many diverse fields of occupation as possible. I would welcome suggestions and posts from anyone with something to share on the subject.

Author: addict2016

Addiction/recovery blogger

14 thoughts on “I AM A RECOVERING ADDICT”

  1. Brave. Braver than most certainly. Godspeed on the search for any certainty in our world where there is precious little. Let me know how best to help along the road to some sense of understanding. I’m a fellow traveler.

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    1. Thank you Ross. Certainty is a rare thing indeed! I am very new to the world of blog so I am still discovering how it all works. I have your e-mail and will contact you when I’ve got to grips with it.


  2. hi addict2016.first i hope you have at least a first name a bit more friendly.not going in to my full cv but lets say its long and very messy.get in touch.been thinking of doing a blog.but see what happens.cheers

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  3. Been in recovery since June (had a slip or two), reading everyone’s story or just articles written about addiction, recovery, mental health has helped so much! Have the support at home but reading about people throughout the world is so helpful for me! Thank you 😉

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    1. Hi Carol – Thank you so much for your comment. Congratulations on your recovery. Take it a day (or a moment) at a time. Learn by your slips until they become non-existent. They will. I am on Facebook and Twitter as 24/7 as possible. Good luck!

      YOU CAN!


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