Welcome to Addict 2016. Please feel free to engage and explore my site.

I am a recovering addict. I have had addiction problems with various substances for over twenty-five years. Many of my best friends and the most interesting people in my life have had addiction problems in one form or another. Some are in or are seeking recovery, some are happy to remain dependent. A great deal has been written on the subject of addiction, much research carried out, many theories expounded, but everyone’s experience is individual.

In this blog I want to share mine and other people’s experience of substance and behavioral dependency and its impact on them and the people around them. I am also be interested in conversations with people sharing their lives with an addict.

I am, currently interviewing friends from the music industry, journalism, education and from as many diverse fields of occupation as possible. I would welcome suggestions and posts from anyone with something to share on the subject.

Please send in your info on my contact page and I will get back to you. Connection is the key!